Project summary

Overall objective

B4YT will develop and implement a "Sponsor a Child" program that will bring direct support to our students.  This program will also allow potential donors the opportunity to learn more about B4YT, and interact with students throughout the year.  Sponsor a Child (which we need to further brand, perhaps Sponsor an Artist) will serve as a fundraising scheme and general marketing platform, as we aim to transform donors from mere donors to B4YT advocates and spokespeople. 

Expected outcomes

  • Support raised for each pupil
  • The ability to serve more students
  • The creation of a sustainable model of financing out programs
  • Indicators of achievement
  • # of students sponsored
  • Increase in # of students participating in programming
  • Increase in funds raised for administrative purposes
  • Decrease in personal funds used for programming

Benefits of the B4YT Sponsor An Artist Program:

"Sponsor a Child" fundraising programs have a long history in developing countries and Liberia is no exception.  These programs are usually run by larger development agency (e.g. UNICEF, Save the Children, etc.) as they solicit funds monthly to support their respective development efforts.  This is branded as direct assistance to an individual child of whom a picture is usually sent to the donor.  However, due to their massive operations it is difficult to ascertain if any or how much of these funds are impacting these children.



At B4YT, the "Sponsor a Child" program is based on the aforementioned model, with the intention of 100% of the funds going directly to the youth.   This opportunity will provide donors the chance to truly impact the lives of Liberian youths as it pertains to arts and education.  Over the course of summer, B4YT uses art as a means of supporting:

  • Personalized interaction with Liberian youth
  • Provides a Child with a daily meal over lunch
  • All-Access to premium B4YT content??


Main activities

Online launch of the fundraising scheme that leverages our current social media presence. With this launch, B4YT will update it online presence by face-lifting its current website and branding all social media to represent the Sponsor a Student campaign.

  • # of potential donors contacted
  • # of donor that give money
  • # of students sponsored


Key target beneficiary population

This campaign will target three primary groups of people:

  • Liberians in the Diaspora
  • Those who understand the importance of Art in Education (artist, teachers, etc.)
  • Individuals on social media (this need to be strengthened).


Summary budget


  • Cost of updating the website

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