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Vacation School for the Arts is an eight-week camp where students will have the chance to develop their artistic and musical skills while learning about art, dance and social justice.  Their schedule for those eight weeks are jam packed with activities that all come together at the end in the form of a play. The students start their mornings with music and dance class. They learn how to read music, compose and train their voices. They express themselves through modern dance and learn technique and choreography.  Their afternoons consist of group discussions about community organizing strategies and techniques. This applies to their playwriting because they write their plays based on things they feel as though need to be changed in their communities. Once everything is done, the campers begin improvisation work and scene writing. As the weeks come to a close, the campers will start rehearsing and pulling their play together. They even create their own budget for the necessary costumes and props. Lastly, the students will prepare a performance of each of their plays.
This eight week camp gives our artists the opportunity to tie their love for arts and their communities together as one and enact real change. Their plays bring many issues to light that they feel are important. Our Sponsor an Artist Campaign allows our students these opportunities by collecting donations to send them to this camp. It costs $200 per student to attend the camp and we have 20 amazing artists that are eager to go!

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