Core Belief

  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges believes in the power of the arts for community empowerment, problem-solving and peace building.
  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges aims to promote service through volunteerism and civic engagement using the arts to give a voice to issues often over-looked.
  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges recognizes the importance of training young Liberian adults in the skills necessary to lead, teach, and mentor younger children in Liberia.
  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges understands that youth need experience to make them more marketable in job research and career exploration.
  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges realizes the value of partnerships and collaboration between NGOs, communities, businesses and government.
  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges supports young people in their aspirations to become better people for tomorrow by pursuing an education.
  • Burning Barriers, Building Bridges embraces the arts as a tool for community empowerment, peace-building and problem solving that gives a voice to the marginalized and promotes positive change.
  • B4 Youth Theatre was conceived in 2009 by Founder Jasmine Blanks in partnership with Rosana Schaack of THINK (Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness) in Liberia. The pilot study of an arts education model for high risk youth from graduate work at the University of Minnesota was implemented in 2010 at the Children’s Rescue Center Orphanage Mission in Mt. Barclay, Liberia. This program has since flourished to reach more than 300 children across Liberia, building a reputation for quality programming for children that engages them in positive community change while bolstering their academic success. This innovative learning model blends arts education with public achievement to create a unique means of community change through live performances and student-led projects. Follow us as we Burn Barriers and Build Bridges to a brighter future!